Thursday, 10 January 2013

Throwback Thursday

Looking back at this picture a whole flood of different emotions hit me.

September 5th 2012

This picture was taken on about 4 months ago. I know that's not that long ago but quite a lot has changed since then. The biggest change being my opinion about this school (which I probably won't go in detail about). Another thing that is different in this picture is that I'm about 7--8lbs skinnier here .. Yup I gained half of freshmen 15 in 4 months. Good going sunny! Maybe it's a good thing to have these pictures ... Kinda like a little slap in the face.
So my friends and I decided that it was time to take action against our addiction to food and laziness. The peak of our desperation to have a nice body while we were watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show caused us to make a diet and exercise contract which all of us agreed to diligently follow. Oh the things I'd do to have a body like theirs.

We have agreed to:
Eat as healthy as possible
Avoid eating carbohydrates
Exercise 5 days a week

Let's hope this works! My body needs to change like NOW.