Tuesday, 8 January 2013

About me.

Wow do I feel so typical right now. "About me" being my first post ... Very creative right?
Anyways, I'm just gonna go ahead and introduce myself.
Hi there! My name is Sunny and I am a first year student at the University of Waterloo studying mathematics. Why math? You tell me (haha).  Actually, I have my reasons which I might attempt to explain in another post. But basically I have this dream in my mind that I'm gonna be super rich and successful in the future and use that money to have the most beautiful cars and of course a fabulous celebrity worthy closet. By the way you guys will soon see that I'm probably the biggest dreamer, often quite unrealistic. Anyways, I'll go right ahead and list the materialistic things I use to replace the lack of physical and emotional love in my life currently. FOOD, FASHION AND CARS.
In this blog, I will be focusing on displaying my passion for fashion. Although there will definitely be occasional pictures/ posts about food, cars and other pretty things..... and maybe get a little peak into my personal life.

A very untypical typical Chinese girl.