Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale Winter 2013

Every year in January I look forward to the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale. I mean who doesn't love sales and I know every girl (and their girls .. if you know what I'm saying) loves having nice bras.
This year I wanted to go to the store right when if opens so there's a larger selection and so I don't have to potentially participate in a catfight. I like to shop in peace. So I went really early in the morning to the Burlington location and there was literally 3 people in the store. All the clearance bras were so neatly placed in the bins; nothing like what it looks like if you were to go in the afternoon. I took my time and I had so many that I liked. Of course I couldn't afford to buy it all so I decided on 5. I tried to filter it out by getting different styles and colours. Although they totaled to a pretty large amount of money, it was so worth it since I basically got them for 50% off the regular price. However I'm not impressed and quite disappointed that they didn't have the 10 panties for $25/30 deal. So I checked out and left the store somewhat satisfied with my purchase. Guess what? right infront of VS is Pink. How could I have forgotten. I was very hesitant on going inside but I ended up going in anyways. They of course had sale on bras as well and on top of that clearance on those baggy tshirts I'm absolutely obsessed with. So I picked out two shirts (and that was the hardest thing I had to do in a while) and a royal blue strapless bra .
That's all the shopping I did that day and I must say I am very proud of myself since each piece I got was something I had wanted for so long and I got a god deal on them. Overall, it was a good shopping day for this shoppaholic.

the reason why I LOVE to go early morning shopping. trust me its worth it

P.S I included a picture of my outfit of the day.

What I'm wearing: salt and pepper knit sweater, aritzia leggings, marc Jacobss watch, bailey button uggs.