Thursday, 28 February 2013

shop smart and update.

Wow it feels like it's been forever since I wrote a post ...  because well it has been. Did a month really go by that fast? I think I've really been lacking motivation recently, in terms of everything. I'm not sure why but it feels like its just getting worse and worse. Maybe its the weather. I'm just so tired of winter. Summer NEEDS to come faster; it seems like life is so much better in the summer.

February has been a very uneventful month (except for 3 days of it). Exams are happening right now and of course I decide to write this post when I have an exam tomorrow. Again, just shows how unmotivated I am. Like i mentioned in my previous post, me and my girls went to montreal last week for a couple of days and it was a really relaxing break from the sad life I have here. I wanted to take more photos but other things came up.
Peplum top with body-con skirt
 for little black dress dinner with the ladies

Lent also started 2 weeks ago. Truthfully, Im not too sure if I participate in lent each year because I am technically catholic (don't even ask.... shits complicated haha) or because i enjoy the challenge; probably the latter. Anyways, this year I was originally planning to give up shopping. We all know how that turned out! Who was I kidding. .. it lasted TWO days. I had to go to the mall to return something and of course I just couldn't leave without buying anything. Yep, its a problem I have; leaving the mall empty-handed just makes me feel more empty-hearted. I know I'm lame and my hands are forever itching and no one was there to itch them (inside joke that me and my friend have). To my defense I did buy my jeans on sale. Can you guess what jeans? JBRAND of course. But seriously, I'm growing this very dangerous obsession with Jbrand; I already have 4 pairs (3 skinny jeans and a pair of denim shorts).
J brand Zoey Triple Zip skinny jeans in burgundy
jeans worn with:
steve madden combat boots
talula basic tee
hollister flannel

I think I always have these "phases" where I collect a certain type of clothing. I remember there was a period of time where I only bought hoodies and sweaters. Now its more shoes and jeans which you will soon seen in this post. 

So obviously, that lent promise was over and that's when I decided to give up online shopping instead for 40 days, which is waaaaay more realistic although I do have randomly urges and remember that my hands itch to spend money every second of the day that I'm awake. However, I've been quite good so far. I haven't been buying much stuff and when I do its always something that I've been wanting for a while and/or on amazing discount.

Can you believe that I scored a pair of sperry topsiders for $20 today?! Unbelievable right?

They're incredibly comfortable and are gonna be so cute for the spring/summer. Also, how could i pass up this amazing deal.

 The outlet store was having a buy one get second half off sale so I found a pair of red Keds for my sister.. for FIVE DOLLARS. That means with the sale, it came down to $25 for both pairs. what a steal!!

I think i'm starting to get the hang of "smart shopping" and I really take advantage of a store's return policy. I mean, I'd rather buy something and return it if i can then regret not buying it right? That's my logic anyways. I just find that it makes me feel great when i see something that i've wanted for a while go on sale; then i buy it without even thinking about it. Another guilty pleasure i have, and this probably makes me sound bad but i love it when I see people buy the same thing i did regular price while i got it for just a fraction of what they paid (hehehehhe  suckers!) With all the shopping and browsing I do, i have a sense of which pieces of clothing/shoes/accessories tend to go on sale and which ones don't. I mean what's worse than buying something and seeing it on sale the next week. That's why the only things I ever buy regular price now-a-days are staple items (winter jacket, a good pair of jeans, wallet, black/nude heels,) that I know will last me a long time and is almost never discounted.; investment pieces is what they call them.

The only other things I've been buying are bathing suits, which just reflects how overly excited I am for summer. I honestly have the hardest time picking out bathing suits, there's just so many difference styles and colours. I WANT 'EM ALL!

This is one of the ones I picked out. Im absolutely  in love with it. Isn't it adorable?                              
Now I just need the body for it. (I will worry about that after exams though)

One thing I've been on the hunt for is a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Im just loving the look of it and how you can dress it up or down and it always looks super cute.
The only problem is finding one that flatters my body type.

< I'm obsessed with this entire look.
Ripped boyfriend jeans with lace top and heels ... perfection.

Lastly I just wanted to say that I've been really loving the colour blue recently; maybe because it reflects my mood.

Nailpolish: essie's aruba blue 
On the bright side, spring is just around the corner. Hopefully after exams I have more time to write. I have so many ideas for upcoming post, i just need time and motivation to write them.

I hope all of you have an amazing weekend and start to March.