Wednesday, 13 March 2013

my new obsession: OMG BAGS.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I'm probably the biggest dreamer and this holds true for my life dream of owning designer purses, yes multiple. In this post I'm gonna talk , no more like rant, about a few purses that I'm developing a dangerous obsession over and have been reading reviews and looking at pictures of for the past week. I'm not sure what brought upon this phase of obsessive research, but it doesn't help that I spend my entire life on youtube watching girls close to my age holding these bags as well as see it all over instagram. To my own defensive, I'm not one to buy a whole bunch of purses so having a few that i really really like is justifiable Anyways, let's get started. I can't stay if these are in any specific order in terms of preference since I want them all and hope to eventually acquire them all!.

Here are my top 5 desired handbags:

1. Chanel classic flap bag -  medium size - black with silver hardware - caviar 
To start, I am IN LOVE with this bag (if you can't already tell its my blog header), I'm not kidding, I love and lust it. I think if I had to choose one bag to carry for the rest of my life, this would it. Everything about it, is perfect. Its amazing how versatile this beauty is and apparently the caviar leather is especially durable. This is definitely going to be my first design purse purchase since prices for it have and will continue to rise exponentially. I need to get my hands on one before it starts costing more than a car... Since I'll be in co-op this coming fall and hopefully working a part-time job, I plan on buying it next year when I go to New York. 
2. Prada Saffiano double zip Lux Tote - black or beige  
Now this one has unbelievably gorgeous structure and I'm in love with how simple yet classy it looks. Similiar to the chanel, this purse is said to be quite durable due to the saffiano leather and its definitely my ideal work bag. I'm not sure which colour I life better, they're both so different but beautiful... maybe i'll get both haha

3. Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag - brown
This would be my ideal bigger casual bag. I like how you can wear this cross-body or as a shoulder bag. The brown and gold look amazing together and I'm really liking the size of it. 

4. Alexander Wang Rocco bag - black - gold hardware
If its not already apparent, I love bags that comes with two straps. This rocco bag has studs at the bottom that won't go out of style and is the perfect size for on the go and has a bit of a edgy feel which reflects my personal style. It also looks surprisingly nice in a bright neon lemon colour. 

5. Louis Vuitton Eva clutch - damier ebene or azur
This is definitely my top LV choice, its such a cutie. Again this bag is so versatile since it has the chain which you can carry on your arms, under the arms, as a clutch and it also comes with a long strap which allows this bag to be worn as a shoulder or cross-body bag. I think it would be great to wear for a night out with friends, on a date, shopping and just anywhere you don't have to carry alot of stuff. 

There you go! My current top most wanted and desired handbags. There's a few more that have caught my eye but I don't really find myself drooling over those ones as I do with the 8 mentioned above. Im guessing that as i grow older, my preferences will change and as a result the list will change so it'll be cool to look back at this post and see if that happens. To sum it up, I prefer bags that have versatility while looking clean and simple. 

So as you can tell, I'm just a bit mildy crazy about handbags but that doesn't stop me from lusting over shoes and clothes. This is most likely just a phase,  at least I hope it is ...
After writing this post I'm feeling kind of motivated to get back to studying. Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my current obsession with handbags!