Thursday, 21 March 2013

spring trend/new love: coloured pants

If its not obvious from the title, this post is going to be to all about my new obsession with coloured jeans.
As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I'm currently in my jean collecting stage. Jeans are something I tend to be willing to spend a little more money on since I feel like my personal style revolves around skinny jeans. I think they're very comfy and goes with everything. However I would only splurge on jeans that are considered "classics" such as a dark wash, light wash, black and white denim. In my opinion, a pair of white denim skinny jeans is an essential in any girl's wardrobe for the spring and summer.  Recently I've been growing a huge love for coloured pants especially pastels. With spring just around the corner, I find it really refreshing to add some colour to my wardrobe which is probably why I keep buying more and more coloured jeans. Another reason as to why I'm so drawn to coloured pants is because I've been also loving white and black tops which goes wonderfully with coloured bottoms. I would definitely pair any of these pants with a flowly neutral top or baggy tshirt. These pants would also transition beautifully into the summer with bottoms rolled up and paired with a cute pair of sandals or flats. 

With all that being said, here are all the coloured pants I have so far:
From left to right:
Jbrand 811 midrise skinny jeans
Jbrand triple-zip Zoey skinny jeans
Old navy corduroy Rockstar skinny jeans
H&M skinny jeans
Abercrombie&Fitch super skinny jeans
H&M trouser pants
Guess Britney skinny jeans

Note that this is quite a new found obsession, which means it is definitely just the beginning of my collection. I am also on the hunt for royal blue, baby blue,  pastel purple, bright yellow, pastel yellow, baby pink, and forest green. Since I'll still be in school during the spring/summer, I'm thinking that i should just find a part-time job in retail to some-what support my shopping addiction and hopefully keep me busy and from going crazy. Only thing is, I'm not sure where to apply yet ... 

So my friend Vicki has officially diagnosed me with itchy hand syndrome. Yesterday night I was really bored in my room so guess what... I decided to buy two pairs of shoes on Not like I don't already have enough shoes. I woke up this morning thinking why did I but them and the only explanations I could think of are: I have no self control and I'm a shopping addict.