Tuesday, 2 July 2013

black and white trend

I'm not too sure when the monochromatic trend  really started to be seen in the high fashion trends but I was never one to wear only black white and grey. I love colour in my wardrobe, and wearing colour just makes me feel more awake and happier. However, I have to say that I've accumulated quite alot of black and white pieces, especially tops, this year. 

Looking at my closet I think monochromatic pieces only make up a third of my closet but its obvious that I absolutely love black and white tank tops and tshirts. I also have a mild obsession with strips, of any size or orientation. 

One of my favourite pairings is a black tee or tank and white denim. I think it looks so classy, simple but put together. Also white denim gives a more summer fresh feel while black is slimming and goes with any colour accessories.

I've also been loving white and white. There's something about layering an off white tee with a pair of white shorts that looks so clean and simple. Personally, I don't really love the colour grey on my skin tone so I tend to stay away from a solid grey. Of course, strips are the perfect alternative for that.

I feel like this really isn't much of a trend but a classic way to look effortless that will never go out of style. Also, it doesn't hurt to own a lot of monochrome pieces since you can easily pair it with any of the colour pieces in your wardrobe.