Monday, 15 July 2013

5 shoes all women need for summer

So we're almost a month into summer and I think its about time I finally write this post. Ive mentioned before that I have`the biggest weakness for shoes. I think out of everything (clothing, handbags, jewelry etc), I drool over shoes the most. I'm also generally willing to spend a little more on shoes since you technically wear each pair alot more than you would wear, say, a top. Plus a stylish pair of shoes can spice up the simplest outfit.

With all that being said, here are my summer essentials, shoe edition.

1. Black/Nude flats
Neutral flats are a must-have for all season but especially for summer. These Tory Burch Revas are number 1 on my things to buy list. I think they are the perfect COMFY alternative to wearing heels since they are formal enough for business wear but also can dress up a casual outfit.

2. On the go flip flops
Who said flip flops can't be cute. These leather flip flops from Tkees are super comfy and absolutely adorable paired with shorts and a tank or tee, or even a cute summer dress. Flip flops are also an essential to bring to the beach!

3. Sneakers: Toms, Sperries, Converse
My personal style basically revolves around being super casual and comfy. My go to summer outfit consists of a loose tee, denim shorts and sneaker shoes. But these shoes can also be paired up with dresses and skirts to make the outfit look more effortless. For Toms, I like solid colour since they are easier to pair outfits with and they will transition nicely into fall. I absolutely love my metallic sperries since they have embody the casual style that I live by and but the flashy colour makes my outfits a bit more interesting. White converse are so on trend right now since they basically go with everything but personally, I don't really like the look of converse on my feet and they're not the most comfortable shoes when you're trying to break them in.

4. Sandals/Gladiators
This category of shoes is probably where you can play with colour, design and patterns. There are so many different styles of sandals out there! But being the boring person I am, I still tend to stick to neutral colour shoes since I enjoy colour in my clothing. These lace gladiators from Zara are right on trend. The only problem is the super funky tan lines I`ll be getting from wearing these....

5. High heeled Sandals
The final must-have summer shoe is a cute simple pair of high heels. This is important for those occasions that require you to be more dressy but you still want to stay cool and fashionable. The biggest trend I've been seeing this year is the thin strap sandals with an ankle strap. This simple design is sexy yet a classic for every women. Not to mention they make your legs go on forever!
Gucci Ursula Sandals

So I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration from it. Now go out and buy some shoes!