Tuesday, 30 July 2013

stressed depressed but well dressed.

Some of you may recognize the quote "stressed depressed but well dressed" from a Brandy Melville graphic tee. When I saw it, I immediately made a connection to a video that I recently watched  from Mimi Ikonn on youtube . She talks about the upward and downward spiral associated with how you choose to dress. Think about it this way..

On a day where you just feel depressed and shitty, you obviously dont want to dress up and look good right? But does that help you feel better? Of course not, you will most likely start to feel even worse. This is what I mean by the downward cycle. Now on the contrary, on a good day, you put more effort into how you look, and this just makes you feel and look more confident and that will definitely reflect on how you present yourself.

I think it is really important to break this spiral. No matter how bad you feel, try to do what you can to still look presentable. Being a girl, this most likely means to put on some makeup and nice "fancy" clothes. By putting this extra effort, it will make you feel more confident and proactive. Another thing I wanted to mention is wearing color or patterns in your clothes will most likely affect your mood as well. Our mind is a very interesting thing and  unexplainable ways but it definitely reacts to colour.

She also says "You can't keep your clothes for special occasions , because everyday is a special occasion" Despite how cheesy this may sound, it is beyond true. Whats the point of buying something you really really like and saving it to wear once. Treat everyday as a special day and life will reward you.

So I know this post is more on the personal side but I wanted to share with you guys something that I am personally working on myself.