Friday, 26 July 2013

Louis Vuitton Zippy coin purse review

As I grow older and wiser, I realize that it's alot more satisfying to purchase material goods of high quality. Of course I still like to have alot of nice things so I can't always spurge on one item. I've been eyeing Louis Vuitton wallets for a while. Originally, I wanted to get the zippy wallet in Epi or Vernis leather. But I was definitely not financially ready to spend over $800 on a wallet. So I decided to go with my favourite canvas, the Damier Ebene. I went with the zippy coin (which is about 2/3 the size of a regular zippy) because it is compact and perfect size to fit inside cross-body bag. I think the size is perfect for my lifestyle and I personally like the look of the zippy coin in the canvas rather than the full sized wallet. I definitely researched the heck out of it and thought about it for a good half year before purchasing it. Finally, I decided it was time to finally get my hands on it, which is 8 months ago.

The wallet was purchased at the Louis Vuitton Boutique inside Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale Mall. I had one reason for going and that was to walk out of the store with the wallet and that's exactly what I did. The retail price was $345+ tax, which I believe is quite reasonable in comparison to other LV wallets. I think the price might have increased a bit this year. The canvas is very durable, even after 8 months of constant use, it still looks brand new. The zippy coin has 4 card slots, 2 side portions where I usually put cash, and 3 sections where you can put receipts, cheques, or other cards.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the wallet. It is very versatile due to the brown checkered pattern; the gold hardware goes beautifully with the brown. One thing that I love so much about LV wallets is the smoothness of the zipper. Every one of my friends who have seen and touched my wallet have commented on how nice the zipper is, and it truthfully reflects amazing quality and craftmanship. This wallet is a great starter piece for someone who is just getting into designer items. I give it a 10/10!

In my opinion, wallets are more of an essential rather than an accessory. I don't feel the need to have a ton of time nor do I want to since who wants to be constantly transferring  all those cards and random stuff from wallet to wallet. For this reason, I am completely satisfied with having only this wallet for now. The next time I do buy a wallet though, it will definitely be a black leather, possibly Chanel or Prada.