Friday, 2 August 2013

new handbag for work

Ever since I accepted the coop job, one of my biggest concerns was that I do not own any sort of an appropriate work bag. Naturally, I began to scavenger for my perfect bag for the workplace. I knew that this bag had to be a neutral colour, and I was definitely leaning towards black. I also kept in mind that it has to be a sufficient size to store my essentials (wallet, keys, makeup), my lunch and snacks, as well as a water bottle. Also I knew that I needed something that is durable, not too flashy and professional.

There were definitely a couple of specific bags that I had in mind. These included the Longchamp Le Pilage in medium or large, Michael Kors Jet Set Tote bag, the Tory Burch Robinson Tote double zip, Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, Chanel Cerf Executive and some others that fail to come in mind right now (probably means theyre not important). Although I loved each bag, there were definitely some major issues that repelled me from purchasing it. First off, the Longchamp le pilage is probably the most recommended bag for school or work. However although it is reasonably priced, I feel like everyone and their mother has this bag. Also, I don't think it is professional enough for an office setting, it is more a school bag but I prefer carrying a backpack to class. I'll be honest, I love how the MK jet set tote bag looks; its simple, professional and definitely a classic but my strong  hate for MK is what stopped me from buying it. (The reason why I hate MK so much deserves its own post) Maybe if I still want the bag in a couple of months, I will buy it for my mom and steal it whenever I want to use it. But for now, I refuse to own anything by MK. The Tory Burch Robinson Tote had recently been brought to my attention (and interest) but the reason why is because it looks exactly like the Prada Saffiano. Although it is a cheaper alternative and I do prefer the look of it over the Saffiano, I still believe Prada will always be a better investment. There is obviously a reason why its 3 times more expensive. Which brings to the reason why I will not be purchasing it anytime soon, I am just not financially ready to splurge that much on a handbag (and if I was to spend that much on a handbag it would be on a Celine or Balenciaga, more for everyday use). Also, if I was to buy such a high-end designer bag now, half the people would probably suspect its fake (people are haters) and I don't want to deal with that. The Chanel Cerf executive is my ideal work bag but again, I am not planning on spending a months paycheck on one bag but I can confidently say that it will be mine one day.

Anyways, being  the picky person I am and limited in so many ways, I cannot be more happy with the bag that I decided on. Introducing my new baby:

Style: Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote
Soft pebbled leather and brushed hardware lend a relaxed appeal to this Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag, styled in a roomy, yet sophisticated silhouette. The zip top opens to a lined interior with three pockets. Rolled double handles and detachable, adjustable cross-body strap.
Leather: Cowhide.
Weight: 42oz / 1.20kg.

Colour: Black with silver hardware
Height: 11in / 28cm
Length: 15in / 38cm
Depth: 5in / 13cm
Strap drop: 20in / 51cm

Price: $569 CDN + taxes and duties (came close to $700)

I first came across this beauty about a year ago and I actually came very close to buying it in the maroon/burgundy colour but my friend stopped me. At that time, it was on flash sale on Gilt for around $400 but I was very hesitant on the colour. Im glad that she stopped me because knowing me, I would probably be regretting it.  I have been coveting MBMJ handbags ever since I got into this stuff which was probably 2 years ago. I feel like the price range is perfect for my age group but the quality of the leather is still comparable to more expensive brands. Some of the other styles that I've been eyeing include the Classic Q Natasha, Classic Q Fran, and the Goodbye Columbus top handle crossbody. I love the feeling of the leather of these bags, it feel so buttery but still scratch resistant. Although I had my mind set on purchasing a casual MBMJ bag, I couldn't help admiring this one every time I saw it online. Today I was making my States shopping list (separate post coming soon!) where I included black work bag and a MBMJ bag as my top 2 things to get. Then as I was browsing Shopbop (which I do about once a week) , this great idea hit me ... why not kill 2 birds with one stone? It took about 10 seconds of thinking and a couple of deep breaths before clicking the place order button. I am very glad I did it as this has been put off for too long and it was almost like love at first, second and third sight.

What I absolutely love about this bag is the functionality of the double straps and the fact that it has a zipper closing which many tote bags refuse to have for some reason. I also look the slouchy look of the bag contrasted against the structured shape. Another factor that drove me to choosing this bag is that I have yet to see another bag that looks like it. Usually, many contemporary designers "take inspiration" from  premier designers or each other and you always see bags that look almost the same from different designers. But since MBMJ is just a branch from Marc Jacobs, it holds that high-end luxury title. This specific line of MBMJ bags, the 'Too Hot to Handle' is one of my favourites as it is very simple and sophisticated but still has a youthful look. I also love the metal plating, just makes it look that much more expensive.

One thing I'm still not sure about is the silver hardware because I do prefer gold. But the way I was thinking about it is that silver is a bit more casual looking so it would be more versatile. Another completely stupid reason that you guys will probably laugh at me for thinking of it is that this is just the first of many black bags that I hope to obtain. The other black bags on my most desired list all have gold hardware so I decided silver would be the better choice for this one.

I will without a doubt be doing a post later on once I start to use it more so it will be more of an review. This post is mainly just for the reveal and to share my excitement on one of my biggest purchases I have ever made.

In my last post, I have gone in more detail about the first time experience I had shopping at Shopbop. Let just tell you,  it is one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had. Read my shopbop review here.