Friday, 9 August 2013

Rebecca Minkoff mini 5-zip reveal

I think I've had my eyes on Rebecca Minkoff bags for almost 2 years, long before the whole hype started. If you look back, it was featured on the post I wrote about my top handbag choices. Retailing at $195, it is one of the few bags in my price range that is on that list.  But being the most indecisive person in the world, I could not choose which colour and style for the life of me. I was originally debating on purchasing the Mini Mac or 5-zip in black but I cant even  count how many of my friends and people I see on the streets with it; so of course I refuse to blend in. Then I started coveting the mini Mac in in Almond which is a gorgeous creamy brown colour. There was the option of choosing a fun bright colour (coral, peach) which I still think suit this style of bags alot better. I also debated for quite a while if the originally Mac was a better size but after seeing it in person, I decided against it. I could have bought all the ones mention above with all the money I spent on other stuff during that excessive time thinking about which one to get. 

Nevertheless, I finally came to a decision that in 100% happy with. Here it is! 

I'm in love with the colour, size and style of this bag. When I finally made up my mind that I was going to purchase this bag, I knew that I wanted a bright fun colour. I just feel like it suites the style of this bag and will go along perfectly with my personal style. Since it is a smaller shoulder/crossbody bag, it will be used for every-day on the go use so the pop of colour in accessory will liven up any outfit. The reason why  I chose a blue is because it is my favourite colour and I feel like it compliments my skin tone the best. You know how there are some colour that just always looks good on you, no matter what it is or what shade. Also, most of my wardrobe consist of cool tones and neutrals so I wont have to worry about it clashing with say a pink outfit since I tend to stay away from warm tones anyways. The colour is also suitable for all seasons as it is a nice bright colour for summer, but also looks wonderful in winter. The silver hardware makes the bag alot more casual and goes better with this shade of blue.

Now lets talk about the size. The bag measures 6.5"H x 9"L x 2"D with a 22" strap drop. To me, this size is perfect for every-day use as it fits all the essentials I will need (such as wallet, phone, lipsticks, sunglasses case, etc) without looking overfilled. Its also a good style for a shoulder/crossbody bag style since anything bigger or smaller will just look awkward.The chain is very substantial and feels extremely durable but also does not put that much extra weight onto the bag. The drop height sits the bag perfectly at my hips which makes it comfortable to wear as a shoulder bag or crossbody.

So the biggest factor of choosing which bag to purchase was if I was going to be happy with the style. Trust me, this took alot of thinking and research. I came to the conclusion that the 5-zip reflects my personal style more since it is slightly more edgy and casual with the multiple zippers. Also one of the main concerns i have with the Mini Mac is that most people who have it say that the outside zipper is almost non functional since it is covered by the dogleash clasp. Since I like to keep stuff in the outer pockets (I mean you might as well if there is one right) , this style just seems more  reasonable for my lifestyle. The little metal feet at the bottom makes the bag more unique and fun. I also love the inside design as it is a black and white design vs the usual navy polkadots which Im not fond of.


I am satisfied with everything about this bag and Im so glad I finally got my hands on it. However, I think its time for me to stop spending money so this is my last designer purchase of the year .... (except for the Tory Burch flats/sandals that I am for sure buying when I go to the states)