Thursday, 5 December 2013

Trendy Thursday: Velvet

It's been so long since the last Trendy Tuesday but I didn't want to miss it this week so Trendy Thursday will have to do. I think I was putting off writing this post due to a lack of inspiration, and the fact that none of the trends for this season seems to appeal to me. However, one new trend that has made its debut in the fashion world recently is Velvet textured anything and everything. This emerging trend has definitely creeped up on me as I was not digging it when it first made its appearance. Now, I've grown really fond of this interesting and very soft material. Personally, any piece of clothing with velvet looks very expensive and elegant.
Image 6 of VELVET PEPLUM TOP from Zara
Zara, $60

Absolutely adore the contrasting textures on this simple peplum top.

Image 6 of VELVET LEGGINGS from Zara
Zara, 40

The zipper on these velvet leggings makes it look more appropriate to wear out while it probably feels like you're wearing cozy fuzzy PJs.
3.1 Phillip Lim, $695

From far, these booties look like a suede and patent leather combo but the velvet twist makes these babies look uber luxurious.

I am a huge advocator for experimenting with different textures to jazz up a more neutral coloured outfit. Velvet is a very interesting fabric when it is paired right.