Sunday, 23 March 2014

Splurge or Save: Leopard Sneakers

A leopard print accessory, in this case includes shoes and handbags, is considered an essential in a woman's wardrobe. Personally, I am not adventurous enough in my outfit choices to wear this funky print as a piece of clothing, i.e a shirt or pants, but a small accent definitely wouldn't hurt. Depending on the color and design of the leopard print, it can be suitable for any season and for a variation of occasions. I also feel that it is appropriate for a wide range of age groups.

Saint Laurent  front
Saint Laurent $495
For me, a pair of slip on sneakers would be my most worn footwear choice for the spring and summer. They are casual and comfortable while letting your feet breath in the warmer weather. This style of shoes pair great with jeans, shorts or even a casual summer dress. With a bold print like leopard, it will instantly sass up a neutral color outfit. This specific pair from Saint Laurent features a muted patent leather finish contrasted against a white platform, making a rather casual style appear more glamourous.

Steve Madden $100
This pair from Steve Madden has a strong resemblance to the previous pair. It has the same white platform but neglects the glossy appearance and went with a more textured pony hair upper.

Would you splurge or save on this trendy yet timeless piece?