Friday, 21 March 2014

Friday Favourites: Spring Nailpolishes

Happy Friday my beautiful readers, prepare your eyes for a rainbow of colour. One thing that a girl can never have too many of is nail polish. Do not ever ask a girl why she has 5 bottles in the same colour ... trust me they're not the same.  My top brand is most definitely Essie, probably because they carry every shade you can ever imagine. I'm keeping this post spring related for two reason. One, I'm hoping that if I keep encourage spring to hurry up, it will finally make its appearance. Second, the bright and pastel colours that spring entails makes me happy. Below are just some of my favourite shades, most that I personally have in my rather large hoard (which I will share with you one day). Of course, some of them works for all seasons and should be essentials in your collection.

blanc - sheers By Essie

fiji - pinks By Essie

topless & barefoot - neutrals By Essie
Topless and Barefoot

saturday disco fever - corals By Essie
Saturday Disco Fever

coral reef - corals By Essie
Coral Reef

mint candy apple - greens By Essie
Mint Candy Apple

first timer - greens By Essie
First Timer

rock the boat - blues By Essie
Rock the Boat

in the cab-ana - blues By Essie
In the Cabana

st. lucia lilac - plums By Essie
St. Lucia Lilac

Also, check out Essie's Spring 2014 collection