Thursday, 18 July 2013

Importance of H2O

Benefits of Water:

1. It's a natural body cleanser and neutralizer.
Water is probably the most natural form of cleanser for your body. Scientifically speaking, it ensures your body is at homeostasis by maintaining its neutral acidity level so your organs can function the way they should. This indirectly means people who drink more water will generally live a longer and
 healthier life.

2. It strengthens your immune system
Drinking water not only maintains the neutrality of your internal organs but also flushes out any toxins that might causes illnesses or diseases. Through my personal experience, I was born with a very weak immune system. My tonsils were extremely easily infected  and that often lead to many long flus and colds as I was growing up. Recently, since I drink more than enough water, I rarely get colds anymore. Actually there was one time where I felt like a cold was creeping up so I chugged 3 bottles of water and woke up the next morning feel better than ever. Trust me, it works!

3. Drinking more water will improve the appearance of your skin
It is proven by intensive research that how much water you drink does directly affect how your skin looks since skin is your body's largest organ. It will hydrate, replenish an cleanse your skin from the inside in ways that even the most luxurious and expensive skincare products cannot.

4. You will most likely have healthier hair
On top have having better skin, your hair will also feel healthier. do you ever wake up from a night of partying and your hair feels gross and dry. It is because you're dehydrated from the alcohol! Speaking of, water is also the best cure to a hangover.

5. Number one factor to losing weight
There is a reason why they tell you to drink plenty of water on every guide or diet to losing weight. They speak the truth.  drinking water will trick your stomach thinking its full although it has no calories, so you wont be tempted to eat. I can guarantee that half of the time you mistakenly think you are hungry, it is because you are actually thirsty.

Hopefully by now I have somewhat convinced you how amazing water is and if  you don't have a cup of water beside you right now, GO GET ONE! 

6. It energizes your body/muscles
In addition to helping you lose weight by filling your stomach temporarily, it also fuels your muscles so you feel more awake and have more energy. Having this boost of energy will lead you to a more effective workout thus you'll see more successful results in terms of weight loss and body toning.

7. Improves levels of cognitive performance
Water brings oxygen for your brain needed to function properly. Research has shown that water supplementation positively impacts mental performance such as memory and attention. Maybe this might be psychological effect but I also think better during an exam when I have a bottle of water with me.

8. It helps with digestion
 Next time you feel constipated, chug water! Believe me, it actually helps.

To sum it up, I want to you think about it this way....toxins have to get out of your body somehow right? So the more water you drink, the more you pee and that is how your toxins will be released, painlessly. Now on the contrary, if you don't drink enough, it will find another way out. This could in a lot of different horrible forms  such as acne or getting the flu. You want to lose weight? Start by drinking more water. It is that easy!

Now how much water do you really need to drink? They say 8 cups a day (2L) but it really depends on a whole bunch of different factors including but not limited to: your body type, body fat percentage, age, climate/weather, level of activity in your day and the other types of fluids and foods that you consume.
This means that a person who is living in areas of extreme heat and has a very active lifestyle should drink significantly more water than a person who lives in, say, Antarctica.
Another example is, personally, I love eating watermelon for breakfast in the summer. This would substitute for 1-2 glasses of water because if I was to drink more water on top of that, I think my stomach would explode. Just listen to your body and you will know.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional nor a doctor. This is what I learned from research and my personal experiences.