Monday, 14 October 2013

DIY dark lip colour

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY CANADIAN READERS!! I wanted to say thank you for reading my blog and also for understanding my lack of pro camera situation. I am getting on that, I promise.

Since I'm just spending this day at home with my family, there is no need to wear any makeup, but that doesn't stop me from playing with it. I have been on a hunt for a perfect dark lip colour for fall. After visiting Sephora, I was not impressed with any of the choices since they all had a purple tint. I was looking for a true dark red. So today as I was cleaning out my makeup collection, I came across an old Lancome palette that contained a black sparkly eyeshadow that I never use. Also I knew that I had a tinted red lip balm that I received from an Ipsy glam bag that I was going to throw out anyways. This leads me to my first experiment since grade 11 chemistry. Okay, it wasn't much of an experiment ...

All you need for your home-made dark lip colour is a red lip stick/tint/balm, black eyeshadow, Vaseline and several Q-tips. The reason why making your own at home is so beneficial is because you can adjust the shade to your preference. Also, adding Vaseline will help moisturize your lips without compromising the colour.  I was extremely happy with how this DIY turned out.

Under normal lighting:

Under very bright/ghost face lighting:

My iPhone definitely does not do the colour justice. It is alot darker and richer in person, but hopefully you get the idea. I am a big fan of dark lip colours for fall because it lets you tone down the rest of your face and eye makeup.

Anyways, I know this was a very short post compared to my others but my mom is calling me to help her prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. I hope all of you have an amazing day with your family that's filled with lots of love and of course, FOOD.