Friday, 15 November 2013

Friday Favourites: Online Flash Sale

With Christmas just around the corner, it might start to feel a little stressful mentally with all the planning on what to buy for all your loved ones. More importantly, it is going to make an even larger impact on you, financially. So today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite online stores with flash sale deals to relieve some of that holiday pain and suffering. These sites will not only ease your hunt for the perfect gift but lessen the trauma to your bank account.

Hautelook is a company branched from Nordstrom, so just imagine the variety of stock they offer. Each day brings around 8 events for each category: women, men, children, home, travel, and more. Every day at 11:00am E.T., new events appear on the site including everything a girl wants or needs. The site is very easy to navigate. Also, items are available in most sizes so it's not just the smallest or largest size left over that is super discounted. What I especially love about Hautelook is that they carry luxury items as well as trendy. Even designer items are some of the recent selection from their collections. Therefore, the prices cover wide range of budgets. Now let's talk prices. Most items are 40-70% off retail price, and they are not lying. These are the items you will see full price in store at Nordstorm or another retail store. They also feature items, usually beauty products, that are exclusive to Hautelook which usually come in sets. Just recently, a Nordstrom Rack for Hautelook section was added to the site making items you have your eye on even more accessible for purchase. In terms of shipping, it is a $10.95 flat rate to Canada and free shipping over $100 in the US. For international shipping, duties are calculated at checkout to avoid charges on delivery. Orders take about 3 days to process and 1-2 weeks to ship. I suggest Hautelook for those that value good quality but not willing to pay the full cost for it.

2. Gilt
Gilt is another online flash sale store but exclusively on discounted designer items. Similar to Hautelook, new events occur every day and ranges from fashion to beauty to home decor. The events are more repetitive as they usually recycle themselves every couple of weeks but there are still a wide variety of products to choose from. Prices are also around 40-70% off retail and already include duty charges. Shipping is free for purchases over $100 (I think ...) and takes from 2-3 weeks to arrive at your door. In fact, I am currently waiting, quite impatiently, for my most recent order which I will reveal shortly. It just might be my biggest score of my life. I recommend Gilt for people who know what kind of item they are looking for and hoping to save some serious bucks on a designer piece.

The above two website are by far my favorites and the only flash sale stores I had positive personal experiences with. I've made multiple orders on both so I can back up my opinion on these shops. The next 2 online stores also have flash sale deals but I have no yet purchased anything so I cannot give a honest review.

3. My Habit

4. Beyond The Rack: For my Canadian readers.

Plndr, a sister company of Karmaloop, is a very popular flash sale website that offers mainly trendy fashion products. They carry brands including MinkPink, Obey, Jeffrey Campbell, etc. I have made one order on PLNDR and that was any but a nice experience. However now that I am more aware of the process and fees, I may give it another try.

The way I think about it, I am already willing to spend a little more on something that is of much better quality. But if I was to able get a deal on it, why not? It's called shopping smart and it's much easier than it seems. So simple that it has become part of my every day routine. I know how crazy that sounds but it's usually just browsing. However, with the holiday season coming up, I will definitely be using these deals to ease gift shopping process and maybe treat myself along the way.