Saturday, 14 December 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Fashion Accessories

Welcome to my holiday gift guide, accessories edition! This will be your handbook on everything from jewelry to bags to small fashion goodies. Similarly, I will only be including items within a $200 budget so you will be able to get all your friends and family something special within draining your bank account.

Comestic Bags, $8-$65

A suggestion I have would be pop the beauty gifts into a cute makeup bag so this way your gift is a complete set. Forever 21 has some really affordable cosmetic pouches with really fun designs.

Lounge Wear, $12-$48 at Victoria's Secret
The Dreamer Henley PajamaSock SetBling Bootie

This is a little more reserved for close friends and family but it's definitely considered items that people tend to overlook when shopping for themselves. Personally, I can say that I absolutely hate spending money on PJ's and socks.

Scarves , $30-$50 from Zara

Image 2 of LONG WRAPAROUND SCARF from Zara Image 2 of SHIMMER SCARF from Zara Image 2 of KHAKI WOOL SCARF from Zara

Although not every girl wears scarfs, no one will complain if they receive it as a gift. They're super comfy and warm and comes in so many different textures and colours.

Tech Accessories, $45-$110

              alice + olivia Bow Jeweled iPhone 5 / 5S Case                                                   
Many times you may find it unreasonably difficult to shop for someone because they seem to have everything they will ever need already, this includes every new electronic gadget in the market. But a lot of people don't think of accessorizing their electronics so phone, tablet and laptop cases are a very practical present.

Tiffany's Jewelry, $140-$195

Trust me when I say there's not a single girl in the world who would not be doing cartwheels, at least mentally, if they see a little blue box under the tree.  The return toTiffany and sterling silver line has a more affordable selection of jewelry that make beautiful gifts. To be honest, it was extremely difficult to even pick out my favourite pieces to show you guys, I just want them all!

Small Leather Goods, $95-$170 at Tory Burch

Handbags and wallets are something I urge you not to buy for someone unless you know which specific brand, design or style that they want. However, you can't really go wrong with a coin purse or card holder. I love the selection of SLG's by Tory Burch because they look simple and classy. Also, the leather is comparable to some higher end designers such as Prada but does not put a strain your bank account.  

Since Christmas is quickly approaching, I wanted to let you know about some deals and online shopping deadlines so it arrives in time for Christmas eve.

Nastygal: Additional 50% on sale items - Order by tomorrow for standard shipping
Urban Outfitters: Additional 50% on sale items - Order by tomorrow for free shipping over $50
Zara: Order by December 17th
Aritzia: Order by December 15th to get free shipping over $150 or get $11 overnight shipping
Shopbop: Order by December 18th for free express delivery
Forever 21: Order by Deember 16th for free standard shipping

Now, I know Christmas gift shopping can get a little stressful but if you have a better idea of what to get the people on your list, it can actually be very fun and exciting.