Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My First Tattoo: Part 1

Since I love my readers almost more than my friends and family, you guys are the first people that I will be sharing my first tattoo with along with the experience . Now I'm known of commitment issues but somehow the thought of getting permanent ink engraved into your skin excites me, so much so that it has an addicting element to it.  The experience was overall very pleasant, which definitely motivates me into getting more. I wish I got a video of the entire process but honestly it was so quick and uneventful, it would have been rather boring. Anyways, let me get into the details from the inspiration behind the tattoo, the place I got it done, and the pain or lack of. 

One of the main goals in my New Years Resolutions for 2014 is to be open to new things as in trying things I've never tried before. What a better way to tackle this resolution than to start by crossing things off my life bucket list. Guess what was #1 on that list? Getting tatted up of course, but the first one has to be meaningful, at least to me. I've wanted this tattoo for almost 3 years, consistently. I also had many other ideas on my mind but this one remained my most coveted. The reason why I put it off was just the little fact that my mother said she would disown me if I were to ever get one, no big deal. Of course this made me want to get it more but for a while, I was convinced that she was actually serious. Finally, my rebellious side took over and here we are today. It's been 2 weeks and she has yet to notice and I've been wearing my hair in a ponytail all day everyday. My baby sister is not as easy to trick ...

I am a firm believer of getting anything your heart desires and not let anyone talk you out of it because their opinion shouldn't and doesn't matter when it comes to something that is going on your body. However, personally I want all my body art to have meaning. It doesn't have to be a significant one but I'm not about to get little hearts or stars because they look nice. The inspiration for this tattoo originated from Megan Fox's first tattoo, which was the same symbol. She has some of the most beautiful body art ever in the best placements on her body as well. After seeing a picture, it never left my mind. I love how this Chinese symbol looks, very simple yet not girly or too masculine. The only thing left was to decide where to place it on my body and how big it's going to be. And trust me, this took a lot longer than I expected. After 6 months of deliberating, I had finally came to a conclusion...

It was narrowed down to having it at the back of my neck in the center or a little lower in between my shoulders. My tattoo artist placed the stencil in both locations and we all agreed that the neck option was more suitable. Also, I wanted to keep my left shoulder blade empty for my next quote tattoo. As for the size, I literally just a photo of the symbol straight off Google and told her to make a stencil from it. Overall, I am beyond satisfied with the placement and size. 

As an active researcher, I went on the internet to investigate the most reputable shops in the GTA. The tattoo parlour I decided to put my trust in was Speakeasy, a small shop in Koreatown. I would advise anyone who is getting their first tattoo to do some sort of preparation; read review, look at the artist's portfolio, etc. Since I was getting a massive piece, I just needed a place that is friendly (non-judgmental), sanitary, and professional. In addition, I needed to be able to walk in and have it done since we had reservations for dinner that night. I tested my luck and asked for Lizzie (the store owner) but of course she doesn't take walk-ins .. figures. But Tammy was available so I just went for it. The entire process from beginning to end took less than 10 minutes. What I especially loved about this place was the fact that they accepted credit card as a payment, which somehow made this whole experience less sketchy than places that only take cash. I dropped a whole $100 on this tiny piece but that's just because of the store minimum so next time I will definitely be getting multiple on the same sitting. 

Speakeasy Tattoo
Now I know one of the biggest factors that discourages people from getting a tattoo is the fear of the pain. Before I go on to describe how it feels, you guys need to know that I have an extremely high pain tolerance. Let me put this into perspective ... I can pierce my own earlobes without a flinch. however, the short sharp "pain" of a piercing is much different from the feeling of getting a tattoo. The best way I can describe it is a sharp object scratching you over and over in the same spots. Also, some strokes are a little more potent than others. After it's done, it feels slightly hot and an aching sensation lingers (more so from being so tense). I was 100% relaxed and the whole 2 minutes was anything but dreadful. Honestly, it is not as bad you would expect so don't let the pain be the only thing stopping you from getting a tattoo.

If you read this entire post,  you probably now know more than you need to know about my tattoo. However, this is just part one because I have yet to reveal the reason and meaning behind the tattoo which will probably be in the follow up post in a month on the healing process. If you care for my opinion, don't ever let anyone tell you what should or should not get. As long as you want it and love it, everything will be fine. 

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