Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Want it Wednesday: Chanel Boy

Well look who's on a roll, 5 posts in one week! *pats self on back*. Recently, I've realized once again the allure of Chanel handbags. When my friend Vicki (check out her blog and encourage her to start writing again!) introduced me to the Chanel Boy, my reaction was anything but impressed. It might have been the fact that I was mesmerized by the classic double flap at fthe time so any other Chanel style was incomparable in my mind. As my obsession with the double flap faded, I became more and more intrigued by the Boy. Now I am convinced that this design is one of the most compatible to my personal style scoring a place on my most lusted over handbags list.

I love this particular style and colour combination.
Paris Fashion Week Bags 2

A modernized twist on the classic flap makes the Boy "trendy" yet still timeless. It seems to be more suitable for a wider range of occasions due to its ability to adapt to a casual setting or fancy event. Also, the $1000 something price difference from the classic flap definitely makes it a less heart and bank breaking purchase.