Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Jumpsuits

In my conquest to the perfect jumpsuit, I thought it would be satisfying to share with you guys my struggle. There are so many styles that I enjoy looking at, but imagining how it looks on my body erases any appetite I have to acquire this trendy piece of clothing. Therefore, until my figure it ready to rock this trend, aka time to lose that winter weight, I am still undecided if it's worth the investment.

Image 2 of LONG TWO-TONE JUMPSUIT from Zara Image 4 of LONG TWO-TONE JUMPSUIT from Zara

Contemporary and premium designers from Splendid to Alexander Wang to Gucci have all released their versions of jumpsuits. 

Gucci  outfitGucci  back

Milly  frontMilly  back

Moschino Cheap and Chic  outfitMoschino Cheap and Chic  back

I think they're something so elegant and classy about a jumpsuit but it's also a daring and adventurous piece. Judging from how I'm literally twitching from wanting to buy one myself, it will be my next shopping mission.