Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Favourites

It is officially a month into summer and it's time for another summer favourites. For some reason the weather this year has been extremely bipolar so half the time I'm in fall clothes and the other half I'm the same outfit: a loose tank, flowy shorts and flip flops. 
H&M Tank Top
This tank top costs $6 and I've worn this at least 6 times so you tell me if it's worth it. It can easily be paired with any type of bottoms and dressed up or down.

Zara Tank Top
Another flowy tank top... what else is new. This one is currently on sale!! It's soooo comfy
Brandy Melville Vodi Shorts
These shorts are borderline inappropriate to wear out of the house but I was never one to care. I like to wear them with a longer tank top or tshirt to balance out of the lack of length in the bottoms.

zalando blogger birthday bash-rebecca minkoff mini 5 zip bag giveaway-mode junkie zalando-rayban mirrored sunglasses
Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip
My RM mini 5-zip have been my go to handbag this summer. It is a perfect pop of colour to brighten up any outfit and the ideal size for a daytime outing. 

Old Navy Flip flops
If you didn't already I am a diagnosed shoe hoarder. I am convinced that I need every style of shoe even if I only wear them once. However, this problem does not apply to summer appropriate footwear. I just cannot be bothered in hot weather so I like to keep it minimal.. what better way than these extremely cheap and comfortable flip flops!
Nike Downshifter 

It's inevitable that any hint of warm weather will come with girls freaking out about their body "not being ready". Yeah that includes me. I've been getting back to working out on a regular basis even though recently there's been an extended period of rest days. Anyways, these Nike's are so light and trendy so I actually don't mind wearing them to class before heading to the gym.

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel

I have always been extremely envious of people with clear skin, life is just so unfair! My skincare routine constantly needs to be adjusted as my skin becomes adapted to certain products. For days that I have active breakouts, I always apply the Clinique Acne Solutions clearing gel after cleansing my face... it stings like a b**** but it really works.

Starbucks Frappucino
Starbucks is literally a devil sent to torture me and any hope I have of having a nice body. I think I've tried every single flavour of the frap so now I'm starting to tackle the secret menu.

Listen here

This song is one of those songs that makes me and my friends go crazy when we hear it go on at the club. It is the perfect summer jam and I know if I hear this song again in a few years, it will bring me back to the amazing memories from this summer.

Watch trailer here
2 Jump Street was probably the funniest movie I watched this year. I saw it in theatres the week after it came out and I was dying throughout the entire movie. I think Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are my OTP. 

I seriously cannot believe that we are half way through summer. Considering the mild heat and lack of bees this year, I can say that it is my favourite season and I don't want it to end.