Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fall Style Staples

I'm back! Hopefully you guys are enjoying the new layout, I may have finally mastered HTML... well the basics. Anyways, have I ever mentioned that fall is my most favourite season? I'm just obsessed with the cool temperature (yenno sweater weather) autumn colours and scents and warm foods. With that being said, fall fashion is what the majority of my wardrobe revolves around.

I have listed below some of my fall closet essential. Of course, the specific pieces are purely for inspiration. I included a high end designer item (left) in contrast to a high street affordable option (right) to show that you can be fashionable no matter what your budget is.

click images for links to items

1. Trench Coat

2. Leather Jacket

3. Oversize Knit Sweater

4. Leather Pants/Leggings

5. Coloured Jeans
 J Brand

6. Knee Boots

7. Chunky Scarf

Now, want to know the real reason that I love fall so much? With the colder weather and holidays around the corner, good food starts to show up everywhere. What's great about layering is the ability to hide those few extra pounds as our body prepares for winter.